About Us

About Us

1. We started selling Watches Online in 2005, its been 15 years since we are in the business of selling Watches [If you doubt You Can Literally Ask Us For The PROOFS – We can send you Hundreds of Courier Receipts as old as 13 to 14 years]. We Preserve all our Valuable Customer Records and strive to maintain a Long-Lasting Customer Relationship. And thus we have a ‘Regular Ordering’ Customer Base that we have managed to keep happy for more than a decade.

2. We Sell only High-End Swiss ETA Watches ‘Made in Switzerland’ with Authentic Swiss Movements that are made to perfection.

3. ‘We Do What We Say’ and we feel its utmost important to be as transparent as you can to your customers. You can ask us for all detailed photos of the Authentic Swiss Movements & we will happily open the back cases of our Watches and send you photos & other details.

4.  We have our Testing, Packing and Shipping Facility based in Mumbai and we can send you testing videos of your ordered watch – So, you can check the authenticity of the workings of the Swiss ETA movement. [We do this because most of the cheap Chinese quality watch sellers in India claim they sell swiss eta watches but they do nothing to prove this!]

5. You can easily make out between an Authentic Swiss Made Movement & a Chinese Made Movement (Which Indian chinese made watch sellers say to be swiss!) How ? -In the following 2 ways:
1. The ‘Technical’ Way to find out: The Watch Test Computer tests the Seconds hand motion in VPH (Vibrations per Hour) & the Time keeping precision in -/+ seconds per day and several other factors. We can transparently show our Swiss ETA Watches matching Genuine Watches in every test. On the other hand the Chinese made watches fail these tests miserably!
2. The ‘Visual Look & Feel’ Way to find out: We can open the back case to show you the movement and you will see all precise markings on it – same as the Genuine Watch. About the Chinese sellers – we doubt they would do something like this – firstly because they don’t even know how to open the case! & secondly if they manage to open somehow, the internal parts are cheap quality with no markings, no same machine and with plastic parts!